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Moon On Lake
10 July 2017

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Sweet Smile
16 March 2017

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Me too, Please
7 March 2012

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Yellow Brick Road
20 October 2007

Recent Comments

mohammad on Grandma and Me
An interesting dual portrait, Especially, both of them have kept their face alive.

Tim on Grandma and Me
great shot!

Joyce on Laden Table
looks like a giant white twinkie. I love the purity of these snow falls, and the geometry

Joyce on Grandma and Me
Sweet candid capture. Love the splash of purple, and aqua dotted with dinos.

B. Thomas on Grandma and Me
The low POV worked very well.

omid on Covered
:) Amazing.

omid on Laden Table
such beautiful frame, focus, DOF & atmosphere! Lovely !!!!!!!!!!

omid on Grandma and Me
:) Lovely portraits!

Devi on Grandma and Me
adorable expressions here !!!!

Elaine Hancock on Grandma and Me
They both look like they have the full attention of the speaker! A cute portrait! I like the low pov!

Marjolein on Grandma and Me
What lovely to see

Steven on Grandma and Me
Hunter has that shocked look as to what he's hearing. :-)

Ruthiebear on Grandma and Me
I like their attentive expressions

Don on Grandma and Me
I like the lighting on this pair. A fine picture that should be keep for the years ahead.

Existence Artistique on Grandma and Me

sara on Grandma and Me
A good portrait : )

Jypyä Pop on Grandma and Me
Meeting children's kids is always a happy thing

Harry on Laden Table
I'll eat inside today, thank you.

Elaine Hancock on Laden Table
The snow looks just perfect. It is beautiful! And I like the snow on the railing behind it. It has lovely soft ...

Steven on Laden Table
I love seeing snow in its natural state before it gets destroyed by paws, hands, twigs or wind. Looks like a decent ...

B. Thomas on Laden Table
That's a lot of snow and is very beautiful. Happy Valentine's Day!

Devi on Laden Table
Aw!! So much ICE ( cream ).

Ruthiebear on Laden Table
What I call a cold seat (as opposed to a hot seat). It is interesting what a smooth shape it makes.

Don on Laden Table
A fine snow shot. My bird feeder has about that much snow on it this morning.

Existence Artistique on Laden Table
bien comme si c'était un banc

Marjolein on Laden Table
That is a lot of snow !

Ronnie 2¢ on Laden Table
Fascinating how those forms take shape . .

Martine Libouton on Laden Table
haaa oui elle est bien couverte cette table ! J'aime

Hiro on Laden Table
Beautifully decorated !

Phil on Laden Table
All is calm here, your image is very refreshing. Phil

Michael Skorulski on Laden Table
An invitation to sit on a soft white cushion. Very pretty.

Jypyä Pop on Laden Table
The new snow is nice looking.

Harry on Covered
I would wait for a thaw unless I was out of food (or beer).

Steve Rice on Covered
I hate those freezing rains. They bring lots of branches down from our trees.

Michael Rawluk on Covered
Time to fire up the bbq :-)

Steven on Covered
Wow!! Incredible textures and formations captured in this snow!! I love the curvature at the top!

Willem on Covered
Interesting short info and a very nice image.

Elaine Hancock on Covered
Brrrrr! It looks really cold! I do like the texture that was created.

Don on Covered
It will take some warm spring to bring the b-b-q back to life. A fine picture.

Ruthiebear on Covered
It looks like a huge beast of some sort!

Existence Artistique on Covered
bien cette forme

Mhelene on Covered
Superb !!

Devi on Covered
like a small mound of snow :))))))))))))))))))))))

Jypyä Pop on Covered
Comfortable design. For the eyes resting place when you can have a jewel in soft shape and clean snow.

Harry on I Want In
somebody's got cold toes

Michael Rawluk on I Want In
That is funny. Did you put them on?

Elaine Hancock on I Want In
It makes a wonderful contrast between summer and winter! A great image!

Steven on Expanded Family, 01
A great family portrait! I think it was best that Hunter's eyes were captured as you can sense the connection made ...

B. Thomas on I Want In
This shot gave me a shiver. Warm them before you put them on.

Jean-Luc.M on I Want In
:-)) Well done !

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