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Moon On Lake
10 July 2017

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Sweet Smile
16 March 2017

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Me too, Please
7 March 2012

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Yellow Brick Road
20 October 2007

Recent Comments

omid on Meet Hunter
Congratulations! :) ... so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute! :) Lovely smile!

Jypyä Pop on Day 6
Very succesful image

Jypyä Pop on Meet Hunter
Hello. It si funny to see happy child

Harry on Day 6
ah, the viral Facebook challenges. They only get you if you give in to them.

omid on Day 6
ℋappy ♪ ♫ • * ¨ * •. ¸ ¸ ¸ ¸. • * ¨ * • New ♫ ♪ ♫ ...

JCJ on Day 1
good challenge

Stephen on Day 6
Excellent choice for black & white.

Justine on Day 5
Books and books ! j'aime beaucoup !

mohammad on Day 5
Due to the dark colors of books, black and white format is very suitable for photographing, In the meantime, these ...

Sarah Katherine on Day 1
Beautiful! Have you finished them yet?!

Tim on Day 6
i like it! simple :)

Marjolein on Day 6
Football in black and white ?

Existence Artistique on Day 6

Ruthiebear on Day 6
I like the stark contrast of the B&W.

Devi on Day 6
this looks nice !!!!

jpla on Day 6
Le canada a toujours eu une grande équipe de hockey JP

omid on Day 6
such beautiful frame, lights & details! Lovely!

Jypyä Pop on Day 5
The book is one of the best inventions in mankind. It can teach, it can take on adventures, it can awaken dreams, it ...

Harry on Day 5
heavy into non-fiction

omid on Day 5
such beautiful frame, lights & details!

Elaine Hancock on Day 5
A nice collection of reading material. A great black and white image!

Existence Artistique on Day 5
bon choix

Ruthiebear on Day 5
I feel like I am getting to know you better through this series. You are doing an amazing job of story telling.

Marjolein on Day 5
You like history books ?

jpla on Day 5
passe une bonne journée JP

Devi on Day 5
Ah!! Certainly this is my cup of tea :)))))))))))))))))))))) Lovely shot :)

Elaine Hancock on Day 4
It is a love story. A beautiful image.

Don on Day 4
A fiine pictures that conveys the heart felt sentiment. An excllent, creative picture.

Existence Artistique on Day 4
belle alliance et ce sera un beau jour

Steven on Day 4
A very sentimental image that tells a love story here! Great capture!

Ruthiebear on Day 4
A heart touching image!

Devi on Day 4
Beautiful....LOVEly :))))))))

omid on Day 4

jpla on Day 4
Bientôt un anniversaire de mariage ? JP

Jypyä Pop on Day 4
This story tells about love and living together.

Harry on Day 3
time to go wireless on those headphones!

Elaine Hancock on Day 3
And another great story. A great black and white image.

Elaine Hancock on Day 2
This is a great image. And it tells a great story. I really like it!

Willem on Day 3
A another creative result.

Don on Day 3
This is a creative solution to the need for a black and white that reflects your life. I think it does this very wel

Existence Artistique on Day 3

Ruthiebear on Day 3
You are doing a fabulous work here in telling the story

Marjolein on Day 3
Ihave seen all 3 challenges ! Good idea in black and white !!

omid on Day 3
Amazing series!

Devi on Day 3
a nice image..something new !!!

jpla on Day 3
C'est une très bonne idée JP

Jypyä Pop on Day 3
Great idea. Maybe I'll try it sometime. This picture is also good for my morning. The first two hours after ...

Harry on Day 2
You only get sucked in if you respond to the challenge; you become part of the problem if you challenge others. I like ...

Willem on Day 2
Beautiful monochrome en chosen composition.

Devi on Day 2
Great shot..To me this looks / says ...."Unwritten words are more powerful than pages and pages of written ...

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