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Moon On Lake
10 July 2017

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Sweet Smile
16 March 2017

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Me too, Please
7 March 2012

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Yellow Brick Road
20 October 2007

Recent Comments

Ruthiebear on Mallow
This is stunning!

Don on Mallow
I like how this single blossom grabs attention. I don't know this flower, but it's very pretty.

Willem on Mallow
A fine flower photo.

Existence Artistique on Mallow
bon travail

jpla on Mallow
Jolis détails JP

Kent on Mallow
Great pic

Devi on Mallow
Gorgeous little flower.. Lovely details here !

Jypyä Pop on Still My Favourite
Mine too

Irene on Still My Favourite
I don't believe I ever had seen these flowers before. Beautiful !

Nicou on Still My Favourite
Quelles fleurs et vue quel jaune et rendu mervielleux. Amitié

Elaine Hancock on Still My Favourite
A lovely image! I like the Black-eyed Susans too. This is lovely with the shadows! I can always depend on them to grow ...

Harry on Still My Favourite
I really like the triple blooms and the shadow they cast but the cropped petals at the left edge are a bit distracting.

omid on Still My Favourite
such beautiful angle, focus, colors, lights & shadows! Lovely flowers!

Mireille T. on Still My Favourite
Superb contrasted colours !

Mireille T. on Red Rose
Gorgeous capture of my favourite flower!

omid on Red Rose
such beautiful focus, colors & lights! Lovely roses!

Elaine Hancock on Red Rose
These are just gorgeous! Beautiful color. A fabulous image!

Harry on Red Rose
gorgeous blooms with fine use of depth of field

Don on Red Rose
A gorgeous picture of these two roses. Excelelnt close up with detail and rich color.

Ruthiebear on Red Rose
beautiful color and light

Willem on Red Rose
Nice focus work, beautiful photo.

Steven on Red Rose
Beautiful color and clarity captured in this beautiful rose!!

Martine Libouton on Red Rose
Très belle prise !

Existence Artistique on Red Rose

Devi on Red Rose
Lovely focus on the right rose...Looks beautiful....Bravo !

jpla on Red Rose
Elle doit sentir bon JP

Jypyä Pop on Red Rose
Red is color of passion, I have heard

Elaine Hancock on Oops
This is too cute! I hope when she sees this picture at age 12 she won't want to tear it up! That is what my son ...

Irene on Oops
Cute at this age.

Harry on Oops
I predict a future as a plumber.

Daryl Johnson on Oops
He will be very thankful for this shot in the years to come.

Curly on Oops
Ambitions of being a builder perhaps? :-)

Denny Jump on Oops
This is great ;-) I Love it ...

Existence Artistique on Oops

omid on Oops

Don on Oops
Spencer will not like this picture a few years later! :-) A solid picture with with excellent detail and color.

Ruthiebear on Oops
Perhaps aspiring to be a plumber???? It looks cute here. NOt so much on adults.

Mireille T. on Sign of the Times
Very helpful provided someone knows how to use them efficiently!

Mireille T. on Oops
Funny and cute photo!

RBL on Oops
Haha ... adorable ... and at this age they can get away with this fashion statement.

Steven on Oops
I think our grandparents said the same thing when we were Spencer's age. :-)

Devi on Oops
oooooooooooooooooooooooops :))))))))))))

Anita on Oops
Funny. :-)

Willem on Oops
Hahaha, funny title and photo.

jpla on Oops
Excellent JP

Jypyä Pop on Oops
The truckman's smile.

Harry on Sign of the Times
ah, technology. a few years ago you would lie dying on the floor

Elaine Hancock on Sign of the Times
I agree with Steven above! How far away is the main lobby! At least there is an arrow pointing the direction!

Curly on Good Morning
Good sharp colourful shot.

Curly on Skating
Cute shot, I've never seen these training frames before.

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