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18 June 2018

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Moon On Lake
10 July 2017

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Me too, Please
7 March 2012

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Yellow Brick Road
20 October 2007

Recent Comments

Marjolein on Target in Sight
What lovely to see

Michael Rawluk on Target in Sight
So cute.

tataray on Target in Sight
Toujours là où il ne faut pas, mais adorable....

Ruthiebear on Target in Sight
Love that impish expression.

Don on Target in Sight
His expression looks determined to climb those stairs. A precious shot.

Existence Artistique on Target in Sight

omid on Barbecued Beef
Yummy! Yummmmmmy! :)

omid on Target in Sight
:)) so cute!

Jypyä Pop on Target in Sight
Hunter is all new and amazing.Babysitter is busy when you make sure there are no accidents. It is also the best time ...

Elaine Hancock on Barbecued Beef
A fabulous food image. It looks really delicious! My compliments to the chef!

Harry on Barbecued Beef
you can invite me over for a roast beef and horseradish sandwich anytime. And regarding your comment about my watering ...

Willem on Barbecued Beef
A tasty presentation.

Tomix on Barbecued Beef
My dog is watching with me and said "Beautiful picture" ! :)

Don on Barbecued Beef
That's a delicious looking barbecue! I'd like a chunk, please!

Ruthiebear on Barbecued Beef
Apology accepted! I hoe you all enjoyed it.

Existence Artistique on Barbecued Beef

B. Thomas on Barbecued Beef
That is one big chunk of meat.

Jypyä Pop on Barbecued Beef
Yuummmm, looks delicious,...

Elaine Hancock on Purple on Yellow
Wow! These colors are really gorgeous! They just pop! A fabulous image!

jeanmadis on Lookout
Super cadrage, qui plus est dans le bon timing !

jeanmadis on Purple on Yellow
Superbe ! Des couleurs très chaudes à l'arrière plan qui embellissent un peu plus, cette ...

jeanmadis on Angel
Un petit ange parfaitement traité, baignant dans cette douce lumière.

Harry on Purple on Yellow
your caption describes it perfectly. I do like the crunchy edges on the leaves and petals.

Don on Purple on Yellow
They make a beautiful combination. I like the purple flower and yellow background .

Willem on Purple on Yellow
Beautiful against the bright yellow background.

Ruthiebear on Purple on Yellow
Lovely bokeh. I like the contrasting colors

omid on Purple on Yellow
such beautiful focus, DOF & colors! Lovely!

Existence Artistique on Purple on Yellow
Super le fond jaune

Jypyä Pop on Purple on Yellow
Gorgeous, bright colored view

Harry on Angel
so cute, and your black and white conversion minimizes any background distractions

Denny Jump on Angel
This is just a magnificent image, sir! I completely agree with my old friend, Elaine!! And Thank you for visiting my ...

Elaine Hancock on Angel
This is just stunning! A glorious portrait! I love it! Well done! 5*

Steven on Angel
Beautiful portrait as the sun radiates around her head!

Existence Artistique on Angel
c'est une belle recherche

Don on Angel
This backlit photo of Addison is excellent. Your approach to taking this was very creative,,,,and successfful.

tataray on Angel
Très joli portrait. Très belle....

Ruthiebear on Angel
She does look like an angel with that glowing light

omid on Angel
such beautiful composition, focus & lights! Lovely!

Dimitrios on Angel
superb, God bless her

Jypyä Pop on Angel
Very suitable tittle

Harry on Climbing the Wall
strength and coordination

Elaine Hancock on Climbing the Wall
A great image! I hope that she continues to enjoy this as she gets older!

Michael Rawluk on Climbing the Wall
That is really a nice image. Something to show her in 20 years :-)

B. Thomas on Climbing the Wall
Good exercise for her. Happy Silly Tuesday!

Existence Artistique on Climbing the Wall

omid on Climbing the Wall
:) Amazing shot.

Claudiel on Climbing the Wall
A lovely shot

tataray on Lookout
Angle de prise superbe... Mais elle n'a peur de rien ?... rires !... :)

tataray on Climbing the Wall
Superbe... Concentration extrême !...

PD on Climbing the Wall
A strong girl, and a nice composition!

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